Live By The Honor! A night in a knight's life

Ok people! This is where it all arrived the peak in me and my best buddis’ frp game life; Oddity, the odd paladin!

The actual game lasted over 1 year. Oddity was a human knight aiming to become a paladin. One day his road crosses a castle in which he finds a red dragon hatchling on edge of death. The code takes chromatic dragons as enemies but his hearth couldn’t…So he decides to save his life. The paladin god banishes him from life for treason, but in return the king of Dragonutopia embraces him. The king presents him body of a young-mature male red dragon’s body, restores his soul into the body. So the fallen paladin becomes a red dragon. That was where the adventure hit the sky =)

Below link is just would have taken 3-4 minutes if we were to play truly I guess.

Live By The Honor

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