LittleTanks - Lots of new Features including Destruction(Source Code included)

After spending a long time on the Tanks Project and adding quite a few bit of features I have decided that I am going to move on to the next section and circle back to the project. And with that I have made the repo public on GitHub for you to add the code to your own projects or to just check it out.

Mechanics Video Showcase

:warning: Be Aware​:warning:

For the destruction to work which uses Chaos Destruction please make sure you enable the following plugins with in UE5

  • Field System
  • Chaos Destruction

This is a protoype and bugs and crashes are likely and will occur!

Updated Mechanics

  • Destructible Environment - Linked through c++ to the projectile
  • Projectiles are limited
  • Ammo Pickups - Gives x amount of ammo on pickup(Default:10)
  • Repair Packs Pickups - Can be held for when needed, Press E to use repair pack. Also Limits the amount of packs you can carry(Default:2)
  • Landmines - Adds more sense of danger. Landmines can be destroyed or when you roll over a landmine it deals x amount of damage.
  • Damage States - There is currently 3 states normal, damaged and critical. Depending on the state your in your movment will reduce by X amount if you are in critical you cant move at all

:motorway: Roadmap

  • Create state Machine to utilize the different states.

  • Right now when you are in critical state you can not move but will implement emergency repair system so after X amount of systems it gives back X amount of health to get you the the closest repair kit.

  • lots and lots of refactoring.

  • Plus more.

I hope you guys have fun with the code and maybe use it for a base of your own, I sure had fun implementing these features.

If you do clone or fork, feedback is also valuable thank you.

ooh boy, State Machines :stuck_out_tongue: - seems like we all end up using them in the end

Yep, as your game expands and more features are added, it helps with scalabilty,readabilty, maintence and helps maange the complexety because you can break it down into into its own states.

But all these features where added, in very early protoype of code, and there is a lot of improvments that can be made, I was showcasing what can be achieved from this section if you understand, and go outside the course for more information regarding things you dont understand, so you can implement certain mechanics. I always think its the best way to learn push yourself instead of just copying and having the exact same project.

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facts my friend, facts

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