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Hi! Great work with the courses and sites and other, but I need to talk to you about a little problem!

I am not sure that posting a link for discussions to EVERY lesson was a good idea - now I can’t tell whether there is additional resources to lesson, or it’s just this link one more time. And lessons list now is a mess. I can’t find any resources in it too, for the same reason.

Thank you for speaking-up on this.

As the system is used more I expect to see shares against most lectures, solving your first issue. The challenge is if the links aren’t there, the discussions won’t come.

You can also help by being the first to share your thoughts / feelings / code / screenshots if you find a lecture that doesn’t have any resources yet :wink:

Re the 2nd issue, is this because it’s cluttered with too many copies of “Lecture RESOURCES”? Or that it now always says “Resources available” for each lecture? If the latter, then we aim to be adding resources much more often now due to an internal process change.

Overall I think it will work out, but I’m happy to hear more of your thoughts.

Thanks again


@Michael_Bridges and @sampattuzzi one of the most valuable things we can do in response to this feedback, is to be free and easy with our resources. Forget adding them to slides, just add them to direct to Udemy .

The long tags with no spaces break the menus, can’t scroll in them, and the text pokes out the sides… just a heads up…

Thanks Rob, they need to be that long to be unique. Generally there’s no need to use that menu, in fact once we add a lecture list post in each section we’ll probably remove it. Thanks

No worries, think I saw it when I was trying to hashtag another forum - I think…

Yeah, this “resources available” is kinda misleading now :slight_smile: And because of this structure - lectures looks… funny.
It’s hard to find needed lecture by eye:



Just tried the links from Udemy, one other minor thing, and it may only be relevant because of my extended permissions etc, but when I jump from Udemy to the forum, I didn’t spot any posts (there weren’t any) - not spotting the New Discussion button I clicked on the “tag” again at the top (cud_ etc)… that then reload the same page, but gave options to rename the tag and so on - not sure what happens if Joe_Member clicks on these? Hopefully just a refresh of the original page with the button to make a post?

Hi @111 , before Udemy updated their UI I think all of the resources used to be collapsed, ironically significantly less obvious (I tended to miss them!)… I just had a look through the Preferences on the Udemy account option, at this time it just tells me that there are no features to apply preferences too. Might be worth dropping Udemy a note, because obviously this default expanded view would apply to all courses that you might take that have resources, I know I have quite a few that will - a nice “preference” option in there to not “auto-expand” etc could be quite useful for those that wish to revert to the more compact view.

We could provide one link at the start of the section to a forum topic that has an index of all lecture tags? One extra click, but would remove all these “Lecture DISCUSSIONS” links (apart from one per section)

What do you think?

Poll! …and a post on the Facebook pages to get feedback! :slight_smile:

Will do, next week when we have time to do something with the results. Must focus back on production for a bit.

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One at the start of section? I think it’s nice idea!

Just as a follow-up…

This is a fairly stock answer/canned response, I have submitted other requests in the past, so obviously there is no guarantee that it will ever happen, but I would like to think it may have made it’s way to a request list somewhere…

My other big item which I really hope Udemy will deliver on is being able to rearrange your courses yourself on the My Courses page, their drop down filters are ok, but I want to be able to move them around like you can app icons on a smart phone etc. Lining them up in the order I may want to take them… had the same answer for that too (a couple of times!)

Give us a week or two to make the change, as it requires building index posts here on the forum. Thanks for your feedback.

This has been done and seems to be working well.

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