Linear Constraint - get location of second actor, relative to the first

Hello lovely people,

simple question here:

I have connected two actors with a constraint that is attaced to Actor1 and that makes Actor2 move relative to Actor1 in a linear motion. All good.

How do I get the relative position of Actor2 to Actor1 while it is moving?
In the UPhysicsConstraintComponent I can use: GetCurrentSwing1 () but there is not such a thing like GetCurrentPosition1Rel() or so…

aaaaany comments welcome!

Greez, Alex

Take away one from the other?

Actor2->GetActorLocation() - Actor1->GetActorLocation()

Thanks Dan,

and then use the length of the vector, yes that would work.

I just thought that the constraint has that “length” information already in positive and negative direction.

Thank you again!

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