Like Christmas lights, I motivate and demotivate myself

Hello I made a game it is on google play store named MeltRay I was motivate to fnish it but once is done the game did not make it. I mean, the game has few downloads.

Now I motivate again, and I am working on version two, with new mechanics, elements etcs. But I am struggling with animation + scripts and make it works all together. This desmotivate me.

So any recomendations?.

I’d be interested in seeing your marketing plan/marketing execution for the game to see what went wrong. Did you do Gametv’s marketing summit a little while back, where they taught you how to earn your first $2000?

Motivation is one of those things, either you have it or you don’t. Either you get it from external sources or you find it from within. How you do it really depends on a combination of how you’re wired, your goals, how important it is to achieve those goals and whether you have the skills to achieve those goals. If you’re motivated by external sources, you may benefit from paying for a motivation coach to help you through it.

I did not marketing my game, also I did not know that I have to marketing thats new. :slight_smile:

Where do I find the Gametv’s marketing summit?

what I am doing right now is whatching " Finish It! Motivation & Processes For Game Developers Course" in gamedev.

It’s one of those, How does the customer know to buy/play your game if you don’t let them know?

I used to do film. There’s an estimated 50,000 films made each year. How many of those films were you aware of? Most people become aware of maybe 20 or 30 in any given year. About 200 make the cinemas in a normal year. The vast majority of filmmakers never consider marketing.

If you don’t market it, you’re relying on people who will be looking specifically for your game (for the most part, very few), or searching for a particular genre (more but unless you have something that’s special, it’s going to be hard to gain traction but this is also a point on why it’s important to stand out from the crowd).

Games are even more crowded than films. This is why marketing is so important. Cause if you don’t market it… how are they going to know?

Youtube stats are even worse. The vast majority of videos on youtube never get more than ten views.

It was a couple or a few months ago. From what I heard, if you didn’t do it at the time, there’s no way to get access to the content.

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