lightSource Kind a broken

My day light source work awkward. I don’t know how and ı don’t know is there is a solution or is it just new version.

Before build

After Build

That is probably a result of the lighting quality. Could you try a higher one?

Didn’t work well ¯_(ツ)_/¯

What results did you get?

Its same didn’t change a bit. Maybe because of my graphic card. I have Nvidia Geforce 3060.

Is this with the new meshes given in " Object Collision"?

If you asking the new door assets by the givven the lesson. Yeah I updated that.

Sorry for the late reply by the way. :sweat_smile:

In that case would you mind sending me your project using the following link? Because I don’t get that on my end.

Please use File > Package Project > Zip Up Project within Unreal as this will ensure only required files are zipped up and things like the Binaries are excluded.

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I sent the project, thanks for your help and attention. The problem it self not a big deal but super enoying thou.

For whatever reason everything I tried just made it worse :sweat_smile:.

Geometry brushes tend to have poor UV’s so I created a static mesh out of it but that turned the material black for reasons unknown to me.

I also noticed that the lightmap resolution on the brush was rather low at 32 so I tried increasing it to 512 which improved things but now there’s no light coming through at all :man_shrugging:.

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Well thats my bad luck I think. At least you have tried. Thats totally okay for me. Maybe in the future I may solve the issue. Thanks again

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