Lighting turned foggy then black when creating room for Geometry Brushes Lecture

The lighting within my room after placing the subtractive brush did not translate from outside. It’s foggy and blue inside. I seem to be the only person to ever deal with this issue as I cannot find an answer online.

Now that I’ve added windows, it’s turned completely black. The walls have a brick material on them. Can anyone help me out?

UE 5.1 has lighting issues on macOS, it could just be related to that. What version are you using?

Hey Dan,

Thank you for the response. I am working in 5.1.1 on my Mac. I “fixed” the issue by adding two point lights at each corner of the room in order to just be able to work within the subtracted brush.

Do you know of a better solution on a Mac than this. If needed, I can go back to 5.0 in order to complete the course, but would also rather stay in 5.1 in order to stay up to date.

I was able to turn Lumen off and it allowed for sunlight to shine through. I’m thinking I’ll work within version 5.0 for the next section and through the remainder of the course.

I’ve been told by a student that their lighting issues were fixed in the 5.2 preview.

Heard. Thanks for this as well Dan! I’m going to work in 5.0 anyway. Think it will just be the easier path going forward. Appreciate the help!

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