Lighting or 'brightness' jumps between wall pieces with same material

UE 4.15.0 I have multiple walls with the same material. Each panel of wall has a unique ‘brightness’ level to it. How do i correct this? See attached image; see how the brightness jumps?:

Yeah, it happens to me too. And apparently there’s not much that can be done, that happens because they are different “pieces”. Check this link for some more info.

Did you rebuild the lighting?

Yes, and did so at every level of quality. From what I’ve read, this is a light map issue that is fixable without adding physical break hacks, like a column, but annoying to do so, and annoying that it’s even necessary

You might have a very tiny overlap happening with your panels. Try setting your Position Grid Snap value to 5 or 1, and use the Left/Front/Top wireframe viewports to ensure you get a perfect alignment between each panel.

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