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So you said in Blender we’re not going to be using the scene lighting (we just played around with the node wrangler and bypassing the lighting), and that the texture details are going to come through the painting itself. For these texture painted objects, when you bring them into a game engine like Unity, are you generally using an unlit shader or can they be used with lighting setups as well? Thanks!

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Hi, most people on this forum are students, just like you.
Teachers aren’t visiting these forums frequently.
Try to be more global in your question.

Blender is completely different than Unity, especially when it comes to Cycles.
If game engines are your goal, use Eevee and all its parameters and tricks.

In the old days (but they still apply), Blender output will be baked onto bitmaps. Like shadows. Once calculated the end result including diffuse, can be baked into a bitmap and used as a texture in the game (then no need for shadow calculations, except (maybe) for the character). This goes for lighting too.

Shaders in Blender are different than in Unity! There is no easy copy.

can u give me the latest link of discord

The Blender course probably did not go into lights, as they said it has to be done in the game engine. So a game engine course will doubtless cover lighting in there.
The main point of this style of workflow is to paint on all the lighting effects, and presumably have a completely soft, generally light throwing no shadows in the game engine thing.

It is at the foot of these main forum pages.

Fixed link ty @FedPete

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Link doesn’t work !

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