Lightbulb Moment

This lesson was a light bulb moment.
I come from a web (JS, CSS) background.

When you started talking about encapsulation and playing around with functions… Something clicked!

Having an understanding around how blueprints work, with zero c++ knowledge or experience feels so good!.

I get it. I understand.

So thank you! these has been a breakthrough and has me excited about continuing to learn the engine.

My reasoning for this is i’m a full time web dev, and have a young family. So i don’t have time to learn C++ even though i would like to. But these feels right. This feels like a great step in being able to build a game.!

So thanks! Don’t give up on this course! :slight_smile: this lesson was great! I was able to create the additional function and tested and it worked before you showed how to do it!



That’s awesome to hear! I can’t wait to have my lightblub moment! Keep it up!

This is awesome to hear @Jamezhall! Thanks for sharing! :bulb:

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