Light On Your Feet - Blender Animated Short Film

Click here to see my Blender Short Film!

After months of following along in Udemy and working on this during my free time I’ve finally been able to finish my animation for this section! I would say 90% of what was used to create this short is all stuff I’ve learned in this course alone. Everything you see was modeled by me, except for the paperclip and keyboard, which are free models I found online. Most of the textures I did myself outside of the table and speakers, for that I used free PBR textures I found online. I do have a background in motion graphics and 2D animation which I applied here mostly in the very tedious key-framing part of the process. I made multiple scenes in Blender then rendered them one by one. Finally I would composite and put it all together in Adobe After Effects.

There are only a few things I’ve used Youtube tutorials for which I’ll list below:

  1. Smaller Lamp Animation Rig - I used what’s called a Bendy Bone rig to get the Smaller Lamp to bend the way I wanted to. Here’s a link to that YT tutorial

  2. Illuminating Screen - For the glowing screen I photoshopped a background image with icons and the bottom bar. I then added the image as a texture to a flat plane. I did some research on how to set up the texture nodes to make the computer screen glow. Here’s my setup.

  3. I used the new AI denoiser feature too to reduce the noise in all the scenes. There a bunch of YT tutorials on how to use it.

I added the opening title, end credits, and final compositing touches in After Effects. Music and Sound FX were made by a friend of mine that is a sound engineer. If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them!


OUTSTANDING… seeing this is the kind of thing that makes me want to revisit the course and become an animator… this is inspiring me…

this is what I came up with in that section… not even close to what you did


Thank you so much!! I’m glad you’re as excited about learning 3D animation as me! And your animation looks great! You’ve got camera movement, reflections, a lot of key framing it looks like. Really impressive!

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How ever long did it take to render out?


A very long time haha. For Cycles render I had the samples set to between 2000-3000 depending on the length and detail and also have an RTX 2080 graphics card + AMD Ryzen 7 2700x 8-core CPU, and each indivial scene would still take between 12 hours - 3 days. Thankfully this was just a personal project of mine and not something for a client that had a deadline. For client work I’d definitely look into render farms.


You produced an amazing project, really!
And I love it in all details!
It has a high quality look, as we can see in the details.
It is a great small story. Fun to watch. Very good camera positions.
Nice scene cuts, a good story flow. Beautiful sound effects and music score.
Also the different movements of the lamp, fit to the size of them. Light and heavy movement.
The small details of things. Good Lighting.

It’s a project you should be proud of. Glad you shared it with us. You set the bar a bit higher … :wink:

I give it my maximum of five :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


Thank you so so much!! It really means a lot coming from you guys that put this course together to begin with! The information and knowledge this course has shown me is what gets me excited to really get into the world of 3D animation!

Nice work! I second everything @FedPete said. You really nailed all the details; good models, clean animations, even got the sound effects and music!

What stands out to me the most though is the visual storytelling. You managed to do things that not only “look cool”, but also have a purpose. Have you studied film? :+1:


Wow thank you so much @Tyger2! I’m so glad you really like the story telling aspect of my film. I was initially concerned how it would translate from thumbnail sketches to film, I’ll attach those thumbnail sketches below.

I actually haven’t studied film in the past but I did go to school for graphic design & 2D motion graphics and learned the importance of visual story telling. Now however, along with learning Blender I am starting to learn and try screen writing so my hopes are in the future to make animated short films that include dialogue!


I sure hope they don’t grade on a curve, my animation is not near this good. But I only worked on it for a week while going through the course, this would have taken months… Great work. I was just learning Blender for game assets and 3d printing but this has me rethinking that. I was an art major in school and played around with stop motion video using my old Brownie. Now I want to keep working on my lamp…


How amazing is this! Great job!!

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Thank you so so much! That’s awesome you’re getting into it, with your background it’ll be really interesting what you’ll be able to make! Let me know once you make it, definitely want to see it!

Thank you so so much!!

Amazing! Great job!

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Thanks I appreciate it!!

If you feel like taking a break from the course or your other projects, come check out our weekly challenge, The Blender Collab. All skill levels welcome.


unreal man, outstanding, I hope to come back to this part of the project with this kind of flair

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Thanks I’ll check it out!

Thanks man I really appreciate it! I look forward to seeing what you make

Well done! Have you been working on any new animations?

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