Light leaking through CSG boxes

Video here:

I’ve tried all the “cast shadow” options and just about everything else in the CSGbox properties


i think this ones down to the nature of how CSG shapes are constructed, more particularly their one sided faces orientation and a tweak with the omnilight.

first thing i would check is to ensure that the light is within the rooms so that the room faces can interact with the lights.

im wondering if you go and select the OmniLight3D. theres a couple of things to have a look at just to test.
It does look like in your vid the Shadow is enabled, so having that enabled would be one thing that would stop the bleed.

another thing that i would check on the light would be the range value.

if the range gets too large, the light emission box gets further away from the light and causes alot of similar artefacting.

heres my example of the range values that i was testing with earlier.

heres the first one with the range set reasonably low

if i drag the range slider it does have that artefacting that seems to have, what i think might be an emission shape, just too large and overlapping some faces.

see if changing the range has any effect on your scene and let us know.


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