Light House

Life got in the way and I was surprised by the major course update. Glad to be back and I look forward to completing it. Looks fun!


I like yours for quite a few reasons. Two that stick out immediately are, the road that leads to the village and house next to the lighthouse. They’re great details.

I am curious about something. How much does the singular blue house owner have to pay in fines to the HOA?


Good island in a calm sea!

All those extra little rocks are a fantastic touch. Even an island isn’t alone. I really appreciate the color choices and camera angle here. it shows off the reflections beautifully, and your moon is bright enough to see things clearly, but the perfect color of blue to evoke nighttime.

I’m a big fan of your attention to detail! I told myself I would wait until I got to the end of the course to go back and fancy things up, but you have me re-thinking that decision. Your stuff looks so cool!

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