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I followed the lessons. I have the main blend file, and also have a blend file with the individual parts, such as wall, door, etc… and I have been appending them into the main blend file to build the structure, a castle. Now in Leeson 181 it is showing stuff in the library in datablocks. Mine is empty. How did all those lib, lib.001, lib.002 folders get created?

Not much help here, this part of the course is more than 6 month ago.
But did you LINK and make them local (or something).
Or did you APPLY external sources.

The last one will import. The first one is what you need. Linking object, (blue colored) with data blocks, if I can remember…

Anyone else?

Hi JohnBarradale and FedPete,

I think the difference here if you append the objects you will not get links because the data is appended to the saved file (local copy of original) and if you link object to a file then you have a library reference to the original blend file.

Hope this helps!

Cheers, Jax

ps. You have links if you append but when file gets saved the link disappears and if you link then it do not get disappeared.

Thank you. I worked it out. Did so many changes, adding links, removing them and such. I have the libraries now for the linked objects. Thanks.


It took me 3 hours, but I finally did it I think.
So basically the instructions are.
0. Make sure you save an extra file of your project scene, because their is a good chance you will destroy it!!!

  1. Copy your mesh object from the file manager.
  2. Open copied file from file manager and rename and re-save.
  3. Open blender, click on libraries find the file of the specific mesh object.
  4. Rename mesh object on blender, and rename file part on the specific mesh.
  5. cntrl, alt, o to link from library the object on your file manager, then make it a proxy (cntrl,alt, p)
  6. click on all similar objects cntrl, shift then the proxy you linked.
  7. click on cntrl L (object data then material) while your looking at your structure.
  8. Delete all the blender meshes on your file manager, except the file you linked the proxy from.
  9. Save and make sure it is done correctly or you have destroyed your mesh.
    i destroyed my mesh at least 5 times going through the process.

Please Comment if I miss anything I am sure it will help everybody going through this specific lecture.

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