Level Editor - Perspective View, Navigating and Getting Lost

This feels like such a dumb question, but I am having tremendous difficulty using the Level Editor in Perspective view. I am constantly getting “lost” and I cannot find things I’ve created no matter how much I try. I am using a Mac, so maybe that is some of the problem.

It’s getting to the point of being so frustrating that I want to quit altogether. I’m sure it’s just me and not Unreal.

Are there any additional (maybe remedial) resources that I can use to better understand navigation in the editor like the instructor does?

How are you getting “lost” per se?

Your question looks for clarity to diagnose something particular that I’m doing wrong, but I really intended to just communicate that I am having trouble navigating altogether, but at its most extreme I’m in a view where I’ve completely lost sight of what I’ve already built.

So far as being “lost,” I suspect it comes through poor navigation, I find myself either far away - or looking in the complete other direction (too high, too low, etc.) of the level I’m trying to design. This happened in past courses by playing through the level and falling, exiting the play mode and the editor being where the player left off - far from the level design. That’s probably the most extreme case.

This doesn’t happen for the instructor, who can whiz about levels with a strong understanding of the tools of the editor that this course hasn’t gone over yet. There might be keyboard shortcuts or menu functions I’m just not aware of beyond the initial tutorial in the first section.

So, kind of regardless to the experiences of being “lost” - I’m seeking additional resources that I can use to better understand navigation in the editor.

No, I’m just trying to better understand how you’re getting lost in order to better aid you.

So far my only suggestion is to use the F key to focus on a selected actor.

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