Let's see your tanks being hit

Why not post a short animated GIF or video here?

No video but… I was going through the “one line can fix this” problem with the positioning of the impulse and I approached it in a slightly different way. Instead of attaching it to the rootcomponent, I added this one line above the firing of the impulse…


… to the OnHit function. That worked fine and I was pretty happy with that. Are there any drawbacks to do it this way?


I found the solution in 5 minutes. The caching bug took me another few minutes to solve. Actually, I get a bit worried about all these engine glitches. Today I saw a guy on Twitch rage quit his broadcast because all his BP’s got somehow corrupt. Do one needs to know all these bugs by heart to be efficient with unreal? :smile: What do professional developers do? Is Unity any different in that regard?

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