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As you will see, I am pretty basic, just going with what Ben and Sam teaches because I’m not that good of a programmer yet, still working on it, but I have created games before with Unity. Also see my website if you want to check out my games that I did prior to this. Thanks!

Great job being one of the first people to post this.

After using git lfs for a week+ now, I’m not sure if this is a good place for beginners (or even advanced users for that). LFS seems to have a lot of issues that are very hard to figure out ways around without advanced knowledge, and even then there aren’t super good solutions just yet. Ben/Sam you guys obviously are more knowledgeable about this than I am, but my vote would be to talk about it, but not advocate using it just yet for students.

1) LFS has issues with handling many files added/changed:

Example: I started a new third person project. Tried to initialize with git lfs. Couldn’t get the commit to work.

I know they are working on a solution… but it’s not out yet. Trying to commit that many files turned out to be too much, and I was unable to do it.

A fellow programmer added lfs to his project. He said sometimes his commits will take hours to show up properly in source tree. Which gets me to the second point.

2) LFS doesn’t seem to work nicely with source tree.

Sometimes pulls don’t actually work (you end up with pointers), and you need to go to the cmd line. Sometimes even that doesn’t work (smudge errors is one thing I get that nothing seems to solve), and you could be dubugging for a long time. I’ve already had to multiple time ditch and start a new locally, only to find that pulling from scratch was fine, but from where I just was didn’t work.

There may be solutions for all issues out there, but they are not easy to debug and search for. When these problems happen, you get in real trouble. Repo not working is a much larger issue than a gameplay bug you can’t figure out. For advanced programmers and source control/git users, I’m sure lfs is just fine. So far for me and others that have just started exploring it, it’s been a nightmare.

*Can’t speak for everyone, but this has been my limited experience. Perhaps I’m just doing it all wrong. I hope so! If I am, please please let me know, it’d make my day.

@sampattuzzi has noticed that our favoured Windows visual tool GitKraken also doesn’t work with LFS. Overall I think it’s worth it for storing these larger files, but I’d certainly prefer to live without it as we seem to happily to with Unity. I don’t have a complete alternative solution at the moment.

Unfortunately, the alternative would lead the repo to be too big for GitHub. I have just done a new lecture on moving files out of LFS. I think we will be advocating a more moderate approach with not everything in LFS.

You do seem to be having more issues than normal though. Perhaps there’s something particular about your use case?

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