Lesson out-of-date?



Hi all!

In this lesson BlueprintAssignable property specifier is used. Copying reference link to BlueprintAssignable specifier no longer gives the same page as in the lesson. Most useful link I managed to find is this:

But it seems to contain much less details on the subject then the page presented in the video. I was wondering is this still the standard way of exposing events from code in blueprints or is it being replace by some newer approach?


I feel your pain. It looks like the documentation has had a significant restructure since the videos were first made. I understand that there’s little point in re-shooting whole videos for documentation changes but it would be fantastic if the lecture resources could be updated with new links to help navigate to documentation that provides equivalent information.

I can’t find anything that resembles the documentation shown in the video and I’m also wondering if that’s because there is a newer/better way to achieve the same thing.


Thanks for your comment. Rest assured my next threee priorities in order are…

  1. Finish this forum re-structure (Feb)
  2. Create a C++ primer course (Mar / Apr)
  3. Remaster the Unreal course (Spring)

Meanwhile I recommending using the Epic Games Launcher to use the version of Unreal the course was recorded in. You’ll still get 95% of the value from the course without the pain.

As an existing student you’ll get the remaster content free, too :slight_smile: