Lesson out-of-date?

Hi all!

In this lesson BlueprintAssignable property specifier is used. Copying reference link to BlueprintAssignable specifier no longer gives the same page as in the lesson. Most useful link I managed to find is this:

But it seems to contain much less details on the subject then the page presented in the video. I was wondering is this still the standard way of exposing events from code in blueprints or is it being replace by some newer approach?

I feel your pain. It looks like the documentation has had a significant restructure since the videos were first made. I understand that there’s little point in re-shooting whole videos for documentation changes but it would be fantastic if the lecture resources could be updated with new links to help navigate to documentation that provides equivalent information.

I can’t find anything that resembles the documentation shown in the video and I’m also wondering if that’s because there is a newer/better way to achieve the same thing.

Thanks for your comment. Rest assured my next threee priorities in order are…

  1. Finish this forum re-structure (Feb)
  2. Create a C++ primer course (Mar / Apr)
  3. Remaster the Unreal course (Spring)

Meanwhile I recommending using the Epic Games Launcher to use the version of Unreal the course was recorded in. You’ll still get 95% of the value from the course without the pain.

As an existing student you’ll get the remaster content free, too :slight_smile:


I have found this link in case anyone else finds it useful:

it seems to me to be better than the nothing offered by UE

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I’m so excited for the Unreal Remaster!


Hey thanks, this message alone, has changed alot of my opinion on how i view this overall course.
Couple questions, is the primer course, focused towards teaching beginners basics of C++ before this unreal course basically?
Also the remaster unreal course, what levels is it for and how much of this course compared to the remaster is going to change?

This is a complete re-write of the course. The only difference is we’ll take the initial C++ learning a little slower. We’re adding Triple X, and will probably skip Bull Cow Game and dive straight into a remastered version of Building Escape.

I hope that helps, do ask @GavinMilroy if you want more detail


I just wanted to say the unreal links are changed too, Thanks.

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