Lesson 47 - Intro to Bezier Curves - 8 Points & Reference Img

Like out professor said that we can use our own reference images I did just that. I know that the image that he used was the same from the 2.7 days I felt that I had to take him at his word and look for another image that I could work with. While I like his image I personally think that it could be better. I know that he is using Metric, I am using Feet. I know that a pin is 15 inches tall but with the reference image I have I get to know that it is 4 1/2 (4.5) inches wide.

Using my drawing tablet I was able to draw my bezier curve and was lucky to get 7 point. A little editing and I ended up with 8 points. The image I have is pretty accurate so I want to share it with anyone who wants to give it a try.

I started from top to bottom.
Here is how detailed it came out.

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