Lesson 15 Challange - Racing Drone and Securitron

I’ve modeled a simple racing drone and a securitron:

I’m looking forward to modelling some more complex shapes like a real propeller. Hope you like it anyway :slight_smile:

EDIT: The securitron is based on the model from fallout: new vegas and the copyright is held by Bathesda Sofworks LLC. If i’m violating any copyright by showing this model please tell me and i will remove it.


I think it’s not a big issue here, in this closed forum.
There are more people creating stuff with could lead to copy right issues.
I myself did a Lego puppet, the created the figure Bender and used some Futurama cartoon stills.

Just share

Thanks for the info. I’m keeping it online until someone complains :slight_smile:

most times copyright holders won’t do anything so long as the use is clearly non-commercial, as it is in this case. However, if you are worried about them saying something the safest bet is to attribute the image in a way to acknowledge the Copyright holder’s rights.

that said, nice work on the models :+1:

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I back up @Capricas_Kirito and @FedPete, we are in a study process, like at school… i doubt authors will check over here to make complains :smiley:

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