Lesson 14 Challenge Cryogenic pod

Second model ever, used some other tips from online to get what I was looking for and spent about 8 hrs on it total figuring out what the things I wanted to achieve.

I do have experience with blender but more theory than practice.


I find this object difficult to understand. It missing reference.
At first I thought it was a spacecraft (cockpit, command dome centre).
But then I saw the image file names. And understood the model.
If you place this object in a room, add a person, of table, or chair for a reference.

I actually totally see what you’re saying and I agree. I plan on building a scene around it so hopefully that does help. Thanks!

Looks amazing! Could you plz tell how do u make lightings?

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It’s mostly a combo of light planes or (area lights) and emission shaders. Pretty simple. So in the part of the course where he explained how to color things, when you choose a new material, dont use the default shader. Change it to emission. Now when you add a color it will glow. The screens are using images but with an emission shader to make the screens look like they are on. I then added an area light of the same size over it with a similar color to get that effect. The tubes above the head are the same, but I made two tubes one inside the other, made the top tube a glass style shader and the inside an emission shader to make it look like glowing liquid. Its subtle but works. This would probably be for a top down game so that was my focus looks wise.

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