Lesson 13 - my first render

My first render, I originally just made the chairs, but I thought that a chair wouldn’t be complete without a table.


Use references!
I like your furniture, it is a consistent style. And a fine model.
But by reference I mean, if you look at a real chair, you will notice that your chair legs are too short.

A warm welcome and show more of your work.


Wow I was much too busy actually making them and I didn’t even notice something so obvious. I will have to make sure to double check a model at the end just to make sure something isn’t sticking out like that. Thank you for advice. I re-rendered the models with longer legs.


Great update, well done!

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Welcome to this site.

Good basic models. Right click select ‘shade smooth’ on the round and curved items to smooth out the faceted effects.

As Fed_Pete has pointed out modeling is about more than knowing how to use the tools. Which you have made a good start on. Your scene will look wrong if scales and proportions are wrong even to the uncritical eye, who just thinks something is ‘odd’.

Model in real life scales, use reference, photographic in the view side, top, etc., reference while modeling. Which will be explained how probably in a part of the course you have not got to yet. Or just simply measure the sizes of the real world object.

Update much better. :+1:t3:

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Exactly my thought as well, and I see you addressed it perfectly in the update. Well done, and welcome to the site.

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