Lesson 1.15 Ukulele

This is my try of an Ukulele. Any ideas on how to properly create the front and back faces of the instrument? At this point, I just put a plane. Also, how to remove the hole from the middle?


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It’s easy to do but difficult to explain.
First you made the wall of the ukelele solid.
Using multiple squares (cubes), which is the wrong way of doing so.
Learn how to extrude vertices or other techniques. Be patient.
It will be explained in the course.

The basic way is to use a plane, adding more vertices at the 4 edges.
Then build the shape and extrude it.
The hole can be done using the boolean modifier.

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FedPete is right. Other ways to go from the start. It really is worth just doing the course and after you finish it then going on to make things of your own desire. The course items may well not be things you fancy making, but they were chosen to teach you different techniques that you can then use later to make anything you do fancy.

For example, you could have started with the plane, subdivided it several times, shaped it to the ukulele body and simply extrude up the depth.

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