Legend Of Blocks (take2)

So since I recently posted my attempt at my block breaker game a little prematurely, with the help of the people who commented on that earlier post, and friends and family, I was able to figure out what I needed to improve, and I went out to do that.
some changes from the first version to this one are:
1: Created a retry button on all levels to restart their level, and revert their score to what it was when the scene first loaded.
2: Lowered heart count, and added a penalty for losing a life, which subtracts 50 points from your score.
3: There is no longer any block health. Due to the high amount of blocks already in the scene, making some that had to be hit more than once, did nothing to improve the game, and only served to make the player spend more time hitting it.
4: To the best of my knowledge, I have solved the problem with the block slowing down, by tuning down the random velocity determinate when the ball collided with blocks, it seemed to balance the ball more.
5: A highly requested aspect was music, so now music is added onto all the scenes, which correlate to the music that would have played in that room in the original NES game.
6: An update to the Game Over screen, making it look cleaner

I really hope you guys enjoy my improvements. I spent a lot of time yesterday wondering if it was worth it to fix it, spending all this time on a project that perhaps I should have just moved on from, but I let the excitement of being able to show everyone the improvements I made lead me, and I’m very happy that I did. Not only does it make me proud to show this off, I also strengthened my coding skills, while I tried to solve the problems that arose in unity.
anyways, Enjoy!

Congrats. You did improve it. It plays smoother and the ball seems mainly on the same speed. And with the music you get more the game like feeling indeed.
I only noticed that on the edges it did get stuck one time in a loop.
Again, congrats on it!

Nice! I played the last version and this one does feel a lot better. At the third level I had little fun will all the blocks, it felt neverending. But in this one you kept the cool idea to have blocks lines up like pixel art, while maintaining the fun of breaking them bit by bit.
Good job! :smiley:

Good all around improvement. The ball movement was more consistent and the removal of block health kept things flowing nicely. One recommendation if you ever come back to this is to include powerups to allow the player to target specific blocks. The levels were always exciting at the start with so many blocks but usually bogged down at the end trying to break the few remaining blocks. Legend of Zelda had plenty of items that would make good powerups for targeted/mass block removal: arrows, bombs, boomerangs, etc.

The music was a welcome addition; I got very nostalgic just on the title screen. I’m not sure I agree with having the music end during the level (I assume that’s deliberate and not a bug, since it fades out smoothly). I can see the concern about repetition, but having the music go away entirely was jarring.

Congratulations on the improvements and good luck with the rest of the course.

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