LegacyCameraShake - 'matineecamerashake.h': no such file or directory (Solution)

I use UE 5.1 MatineeCameraShake (Legacy)
MatineeCameraShake = LegacyCameraShake
Usage is the same like in the course so header should be:
#include "MatineeCameraShake.h"

If You have a problem with compilation and it says that UE cant load the header file (no such file or directory) addcamera shake plugin into ToonTanks.Build.cs
below last PrivateDependencyModuleName add

            new string[]

Source of this solution:

I made my BP a child of CameraShakeBase and my code TSubclassOf<UCameraShakeBase>. No issues.

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Thank you! I was having issues running the project under UE 5.1. This did the trick. Now I can finish the course.

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