Lectures 42-43 - the Blender Units

I seem not quite understand how to calculate BU right.
In lecture 43 Ben gives the size of average bowling pin -38 cm.
Sizing the reference image to 3.8 doesn’t seem right, since the cube with 244 scale setting looks small. If i resize the to 2.5 it seem to be the right size, but i don’t see how i can figure it out before putting a cube.
So, how do you guys calculate BUs?

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I think you need to size the mesh first, 38cm. Then scale the image accordingly.
images do have something like dots per inch (dpi). But depending on it usage it can be 72 dpi … 300dpi.

Are you using your own reference image?

Yes scale the reference block first and then match the image to that size.

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