Lecture feedback

I understand that we should be comfortable in looking through the source code of Unreal, but watching someone quickly flick through files for 12 minutes doesn’t really teach anything. The speed at which we rattled through things felt like it was too fast for me to take anything in, while the manner in which we kept hitting dead ends in the engine code then explorer other avenues made everything feel labourious. As a result, I don’t really feel as though I can tackle the challenge in this video as I’m not even really sure what it’s asking?

To be honest, I’ve really struggled since Sam took over. It may be because of the topics of the lectures (deviating away from C++ and delving more into the unfamiliar realms of Animation), but I do also feel that Ben has a better awareness of the audience. Even the hard challenges were Ben set were clearly defined, and I felt that I could overcome them, whereas the last few challenges from Sam have felt borderline impossible.

Anyway, this is of course just my point of view, and I may be the only one that feels this way. I’ll rewatch the videoes again, do some outside reading, soldier on with the course, and just hope that it all comes together eventually!


This was the first lesson where I faded out instantly. It just feels like school with a teacher talking but not explaining to the students. Way to fast as we are just switching true many files without knowing what to look for :frowning:


I agree mostly with the OP. However, it’s not that Sam went through the files to fast per se, it’s that I had no idea what we were doing nor why we were doing it. I am 100% certain there was a good purpose, but we need things to be explained in English sometimes. ^^;;; What I mean is that once a point is covered, it would be nice to have it restated in Layman’s terms, or reiterated along the way, what we are doing and what the goal is clearly. Ofc to more advanced coders this lecture may have been ear-candy, even a sort of soothing ASMR, but to lifelong n00bs like me, this was mostly white noise. I would like to better explain what I mean with perhaps more constructive criticism, however, I am not the most articulate person… It is extremely difficult to explain something that you know well to those who do not understand or already have some preexisting knowledge about a topic. Sam, I know you are doing your best! I am eager to see how the rest of this section unfolds. ^^

I was about to make a post regarding this as well. I had no idea what I was supposed to understand from this lecture. I would be more comfortable looking through the documentation but as we all know the unreal docs can be well…not helpful.

I’m a little disappointed to read this. After getting through 4 sections with Ben, then doing the bonus stuff with Sam, I really preferred Ben’s teaching style. I know GameDev is growing and they’re getting many different teachers, but I think consistency really is important for courses. Especially if people really aren’t feeling the teaching style of a teacher. I bought Sam’s Multiplayer course during the sale as I was hoping to tackle that after this, but the more I’m seeing, the more discouraged I’m getting about that. Multiplayer may not be the next course for me, or it may be another one (udemy recommended another one to purchase together with it)

I’ve got a few more lessons until I’m back to Sam, but I’ve got my fingers crossed anyway.

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