Lecture 92 - SFX

After playing around for little while after doing this lecture I thought it would be nice if the door lock sound only played while the door was opening, so I took the challenge and came up with the following modification to the door blueprint.

It seems to work fine for me, and it might come in useful for someone else. I wonder if there’s an even simpler / more efficient way to do it! I’m thinking the Event Tick is signalling the branch every frame, which could possibly be improved upon…

I’ve highlighted the new nodes in the orange comments box, it simply gets the direction of the door swing and passes that to a gate, which only lets the play sound logic execute if the swing direction is forward.


Thanks so much for sharing this. I’ve also added our brand-new lecture-specific tag.

You can now see and post to all comments about a particular lecture by following the link from Resources on Udemy

Would also like to add my solution. I was getting a problem where the sound was playing on every tick and it created this awful noise.

I did it the same way Ben originally did it in the lecture, but for some reason his didn’t behave as mine did. Here’s was my solution to fix it:

Would also like to add that instead of combining the rotators, I just made a blueprint with both the door Frame and the Door mesh. After that I made the door a child of the frame, and set the relative rotation on the door.


A simplified version of car1bo solution:


Here is my solution. Different sound for open and close effect

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