Lecture #88 - Drifting

My Pawn is drifting around after I “lift” the table.
You can browse my code at:

Please advise,

Well video 87 helps you solve whats going on, just eject and see yourself and youl sh1t a brick when you do it LOL


I’ve noticed that right after posing this thread.
Since there is no delete option… I just left it as-is.

Got that drifting too, posting because the video said to.

Did the pawn eject trick and a legitimate wtf? was had.

Ok, the drifting start when I hit a wall with chair or table in hand. The eject shows me that my pawn is just rolling around. So I thought, well just remove the sphere by a cube for my pawn. But the cube is rolling around the same way. -> So what is the solution to solve this problem?

Ok, just saw that it’s explained in lecture #90

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