Lecture 82 (Unity's Waypoint Utility Scripts) Fly-Through

UPDATE: Apparently if I bake my lighting and don’t use auto-generated, it seems to fix the issue. That’s really inconvenient though, it takes forever. If I change my lighting, apparently I have to rebake the whole thing. Supposedly, this problem isn’t in the final build.


I Still haven’t figure out what’s going wrong when I continue the scene from splash. It goes all white. If I run the scene directly from the editor, it seems fine.

From Splash:

From Editor:

I almost forgot, I see this message as well:

This unvoluntary ‘hand drawing’ effect looks super cool! I want a shader that can do that :slight_smile:

I see the exact same thing when previewing my game from the Splash screen. It seems alright in my build though.

I suspect it is to do with the lighting, haven’t investigated further.

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