Lecture 44 udemy

every time I try to Run Build Task… for UnrealLearningKitEditor Win64 Development Build(UnrealLearningKit) it stops at 2/9 process and gives me this error and if I try to continue the video steps and open the project it gives me this error

Screenshot 2023-03-07 150302

if I click Yes that appears

Screenshot 2023-03-07 150605

I have the following downloaded

after like 5h from traking all possible solutions I found that the VSC don’t dedicate any symbols except English symbols and the root of the project have an Arabic word “المستندات” which mean Documents and to rename it you can’t just click rename u need to add a new user if the folder is so big or move all the data from this folder to another and delete the old one , next creat a new folder with English name after that replace the data that u move and congratulations.

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