Lecture 30 cuts

You can also make a single cut in the middle of the pyramid, then duplicate it, then move the new one 1m left from the middle and the old one 1m right of the middle.

When I duplicated my first cut, the second cut did not properly separate the faces. Selecting a face on one side of the duplicated cut would also select the face on the other side.

Aside from needing do this operation in Edge Select Mode, sounds like you may have some overlaping geometry.

i tried shift D, not all my vertical cuts where showing, on investigation they had moved barely 1 cm on an axis. had i not noticed it could have lead to problems later, CTRL “R” is more reliable to be honest

Yeah, after a few lectures I actually had an issue with the duplicated cut where it made the geometry behave in a weird manner if I remember well.

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