Lecture 24 extrude challenge

reference by my sketch


Spooky, I like it!
Maybe some bats flying around …


Thank you Fedpete iam really glad that you like it and BTW the bat idea its great i would like to do it but iam afraid i can not do more stuff because blender is keep crashing .

It is sad to hear your Blender is crashing at this project. Because it’s low poly (I think) and not much of heavy Blender stuff going on.
What I know is that some people have problem in using 2.8, video card drivers related.
I hope the Blender team will solve them in time.

Have fun!

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i understand and BTW iam using nvidia studio driver for my laptop and I search for more information about my driver and I find that only support cycle render. so if I switch to cycle engine is it going to be helpful to me

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