Lecture 18: Hands and Fingers

I tried to put a little more love on the hands and fingers, the topology still doesn’t seem to be optimal. The rigging and animation was a nightmare as expected. Now it’s time to guess how I’m going to make the surgery to connect the hands to the body.


All quads, with extra vertices on the bending parts.


Thank you for the tips. I will definitely redo the hands.
I’m pretty sure I’ll need a few more practice sections.

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If possible could you offer me more of these pictures for other bendy body parts as well? I’m struggling to find references with colored highlights like this.

Keeping quads, but increasing/lowering mesh density

Low poly face

Higher poly but based on the same face groups!

Example of better knee and elbow bending details.

Male (High res?) mesh

Cartoon hand, but high in verts.


Thank you so much. Very grateful for the help, it’s not easy finding reliable topology guides as a beginner.

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Some guidlines (but also hard work)

  • Try to have squared quad faces
  • Minimize poles, and when necessary place them on lotions with less deformations (flat areas)
  • increase verts (quads) on bending parts. With different techniques like the knee elbow examples.
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Is it ok to leave some triangles and weird not so flowy topology around some parts?

My first foot for example, I think there are enough loops next to the toe joints to have a kind decent deformation but the inner creases are a litle messy (supposing I’d ever rig toes anyway, game characters usually don’t show their feet)

My end goal is game engines which I hear tend to do well with triangles or convert quads to triangles anyway.

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are these your works so amazing welldone

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All 3D engines will do the final render on triangles! Even Cycles and EEVEE. Because then the exact position and direction of the normal is known. A quad is just a handy shape to divide into details (even mathematically, what a subdivision does).

  • The goal of having quads is efficiency. If needed you can easily add more details to parts of the object when needed (or remove them). Lesser vertices, more speed in render time, which is important for games.
  • But because render engines will do the conversion from quads to triangles, it can give unwanted effects in details. That why some designers will do this by hand, dividing a quad into a triangle. Because a quad face can be sliced into triangles in two ways, with a long or short side in case of a rhombus shape.

Yes, thank you for the hype up :slight_smile:
I so need it right now. Modelling a human character for games is one of the hardest thing I ever did.

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