Lecture 116 - I "Node" I have a lot to learn (Lamp nodes)

So here is my lamp with some textures applied. I figured out how to apply a wood texture, but utterly failed with the metal on the globe’s ring. I don’t know why it looks like it’s all tubular when it’s actually flat copper. I applied smoothing which looks fine without the texture applied.

So I added Suzanne just to distract from all the copper.


Looks great so far, can’t say I understand what you mean about it looking tubular, aren’t the rings tubular to begin with?
( non-English here )
Or is it just that there is too much reflection for what you wanted to achieve?

Also, don’t know if it will help in this case, but I found a useful resource that helped me a bit, https://www.blenderguru.com/articles/making-better-materials/ .
Maybe try the porcelain shading on the lamp shade?


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Thanks @CyberWolf. I will definitely spend some time in that article! Yes, I was going for that banker’s desk lamp green glow on the lamp. I’ll see what I can manage, Ceramic might just do the trick.

As to the globe stand, this image is more like what I was trying to go for:

I see, so the main semi-circle is a flat ring and not a tube. ( derp )

When you say you applied smoothing do you mean smooth shading on it or did you apply subdivision?

Because as I found out smooth only gets you so far:
this is how this looks with smooth sading:

But, this is how it will look if you apply subdivide modifier to it,
( You must select all the 90Deg edges and bevel them otherwise it will just subdivide it back into a tube shape):

Wasted almost 2 hours trying to get the copper texture… still not quite there…
Looks fine in preview but not so much on the model, probably has to do with lighting and the lack of stuff in the environment to reflect…

The UV map doesn’t change the way it looks in the preview, I added a UV just so it wont look distorted on the model itself because the models shape distorts the texture.

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You’re absolutely awesome @CyberWolf! I’m going to have to backtrack and reconstruct the two rings. I’ll try rebuilding the copper color too. From that link that you suggested, they talk about using a HDRI as an environment lamp for the metallic surfaces to reflect. I’ll look into bringing something into the scene for the reflection which should help.

I followed the examples for the ceramic and added some extra gloss on the outside and removed it form the inside of the lamp shade. Except that I’m getting the lighting pixels that look poor at high res, it looks great when the image is scaled down. Not quite sure what to do with that yet. Still much to learn!

Love the design. How unique for a lamp. You really went out there for your lamp. I think it paid off well. Congrats! :smiley:

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Thanks @JennBren! I realize looking at it later that the aspect ratio got messed up so it’s all sort of squished together. I have to watch the rest of the animation lectures and I’m going to rebuild my animation and post it again, then it’ll look like a proper steam-punk lamp :slight_smile:

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