Lecture 11 Feedback and my very 1st creation

Just finished lecture 11 of the first section and have had a go at making some basic objects. This is my 1st creation I made whilst taking the lecture. As feedack I’d say:
-The lectures were very simple and easy to follow.
-I especially enjoyed lectures 10 & 11, it helped to give a small but exciting flavor of what I can eventually achieve.
-I had to refered back a few times to the eariler lectures on the interface and they were useful as there were times when I got myself consfused making multiple windows in the interface while modeling. Refering back to bookmarks made it very easy to find what infomation I was looking for.
-Showing a variety of early modest creations at the end of the section made me feel much more at home and made me feel good about my creation.

I’m so glad the lectures are designed this way and I’m really enjoying following along. It feels really good to finally have something on the table that I’ve made, even though its very basic. This makes me feel very optimistic about achieving my future goals.



Same here about going back because I had accidentally created extra windows haha it’s very fragile as he said. That is awesome work right there btw!

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