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I finished making body of the knight by making planar faces manually and with the help of clean up tools under mesh option!

any suggestion and tips please!


  • learn about commonly used tools, who they do and how they are used
  • at each launch, investigate one new tool, even if it is not yet clear what it is
    (in the future it will help)
  • the more practice, the more freedom from tools and more creative
  • to completely redo models of meaning is not big, it is better to choose new ones

Stay motivated, keep modeling and have fun) :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for the tips. It was very painful to do it manually. So I tried edge split tool once again with smooth shading on. Didn’t pay attention to the edge split modifier video last time.

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Glad you found the solution for this :slight_smile:

its time consuming though but the result was fine

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