Layout issue after installing Blender 2.8

Hi. I am new to this course for beginners and I have installed Blender today. As I opened it, trying to follow the tutorial … I’ve noticed the top bar (Edit, File, etc) being hidden or out of view like I am zoomed in.

I checked the screen display settings of my laptop, modified them but the issue persists.
Meanwhile, I’ve downloaded Blender on another laptop and is working fine. So is my laptop for sure, but I wanna know if its something I can fix or simply move on to another laptop.
Thank you.

I can see, you don’t have the latest Blender version installed!

v 2.80 Release Candidate, you should install.

You problem can be a video card driver problem. Not sure …

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I suspected a video card driver issue. I will use another laptop for Blender, no problem.
This is the version I have installed:

Is this v 2.80 Release Candidate a different version? I was following the beginner’s tutorial course on installation.
Thank you again.

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Yes, there is a difference in stability and functionality.

The version you used is 2.80. But isn’t somewhat a developers version, software debugging, fixing things, etc.
The Release Candidate is the last version before the official release comes. In this version, no new functionality is added or changed. It’s a public test version. Does everything, on every computer work as expected. So your bug with 2.80, could be solved in 2.80 RC (release Candidate).

In my version, top right, you see ‘release Candidate’.

Try to re-install the software on the machine with problems.

Thank you. I am not sure if I am at the right place but I have installed this (the Beta):

but the bug is still there.
Aw nevermind, I am sure is my laptop. I will just use the other one.
Thank you so much for your time!

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