Layout Change - Mode no longer works to add floor - Use 'Place Actor'

Hi Folks,

Just in case you struggle with this like I did, the instructions in the video tell you to go to ‘Windows’ then ‘Mode’ to be able to add a new floor. This behaviour has changed, at least for version 4.25 that I am using, it is still under the ‘Window’ menu, but as a separate item call ‘Place Actor’.

I didn’t spot this and it took me a while to realise that was the new way of doing it. The whole Mode Panel appears to have changed considerably.

Hope that helps somebody :slight_smile:



I think it’s to make it more intuitive for those using Unreal to place objects in a scene. It’s also likely due to industry feedback and feedback from those using the Unreal learning platform too. Also thanks for the tip, it will help those who are using newer UE4 editions.

Thank you for saving us a lot of time trying to google this.

Perfect. I’m on 5.1, and its seems to be place actor as well.

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