Launch Your Career in Game Development

Instead of a specific type of game or implementation, I’d like to see a course on how to advance a career in Game Development. Topics could include: How to Get Into a AAA Studio, How to Launch an Indie Studio, How to Market Your Game, How to Increase Your Game Dev Network (Connect with others and collaborate), How to Release a Game on Steam/Console/PC/App Store, etc.

I know there are others out there, but I think Ben and Co. could make a great course on this.


It probably doesn’t cover everything above, but may cover some of the topics, but have you checked out:

Although please note, I have not bought this, or seen this, or saying this will work for you etc, etc.

I just remember the guys making a course about “getting a job in the games industry”.


Hey! I am new to the community and this is a great discussion that can jump start my indie company! If you ever want to have someone great to talk to, just TALK TO ME like that suicide hot line commercial.

I probably could’ve search for that easily haha. Oh well, thanks! I’ll check that one out.

The “The Unity RPG Creator in C#” course is kind of designed to be this. It’s a three (or more) part series of courses designed to go from a basic game concept to a fully released product, that includes releasing the game on Steam. It has a team of three (Rick as designer, Ben as programmer, and Michael as artist) and shows how they work together, their design hurdles, etc.

The “How to Get a Job in the Game Industry” offers some good advice on how to get into a AAA studio, how to brand yourself and expand your personal network, and some good basic job-searching advice for career professionals (or people seeking to be career professionals). It is taught by Rick Davidson, who also is the designer in the RPG course mentioned above.

+1 for that.

I am not interested in a job I have a good job has a programmer ,
I am interested in how to move from point A (know some unity can do some basic art work)
to point B (selling games and having a studio…)


yeah,I was also looking for that.If ben could make it,it is gonna be awesome

As pokedev8 pointed out, there already is a similar course. Definitely worth a look.

hi @BenAmi_Goldenberg .

Well getting to point B is the ultimate goal for almost everyone on this website.
You could start by doing “well” every single course on the website.

i know i am giving a very broad and generalized answer, but your question is the same too.

Selling games and having a studio would require a broad range of skills…

for starters you should know:

  1. Mastery of any game engine and a competent programmer.
  2. 2D & 3D Modelling software. (eg: Gimp, Blender).
  3. Audio Production (eg: FL studio, LMMS).
  4. Basics of good game design. (there is a great course on The Edx website called MITx: 11.126x Introduction to Game Design).
  5. Basic Marketing knowledge.

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