LaserDefender - Running With It

I’ve really pushed this one: Multi-levels, enemy missiles that track you.
Boss Fight swarms you with micro-enemies, Boss has health bar.
Make your shots count because your weapons overheat!
Enemies drop health and power-ups. There are 3 levels of power-ups for each of your systems: shields, number of lasers, laser cooling and laser speed. Take advantage of the extra abilities while you can, they last only 30 seconds.
Everything is pooled to conserve memory.
Master, Music and Effect volume controls in the pause/options menu.

It’s certainly not a marketable game but I enjoyed stretching my skills and I hope you like it. Play it on here:


Nice… starts off a bit too difficult for me (with the laser overheating so quickly). Maybe spawn weaker enemies more frequently and adjust the time for burnout/recharge. I’d say it’s 90% there. Really like it, keep going :slight_smile:

Thanks Paul for the helpful feedback.

I think I fell into the trap Rick warned us about; I’ve played it so many times I’ve gotten really good at it. Looks like a perfect time for me to learn how to implement skill levels in the game.

Thanks again, that was helpful and is appreciated.

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