LaserDefender on Unreal C++

Ok, finished my third project from my personal challenge to make the Unity2D Course in Unreal C++. This is the LaserDefender game. It is way better than my last project. The Ships are made in Blender (modular chapter from the Blender Character Course). There are 3 different enemies and 9 levels. I use a struck to implement levels and another to implement enemies, so it is a fast thing to do. The only thing not implemented from the 2D course is the background music, but the fx effects are there. For the particles, I used Niagara. The background is a material with 3 textures panned with different velocities. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed coding it!

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This was a genius idea and wish I tried this in Unreal.

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Thank you! It is a good way to learn.

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