Laser speed problem

my laser prefab is giving me some issues when i set the speed to 100. i have had it working fine up to 99 but as soon as it goes to 100 the particles just stop playing in the scene view when i click on the gameobject in the heirarchy. when i play the game it either shoots really slow and very few lasers or it shoots more lasers but stops shooting after a few seconds even when im still holding the left mouse button. ive had no issues with it under 100 speed but its too slow and makes it hard to hit enemies so i need the lasers to move faster. im not sure if its any of the other parts of the component that makes it that way but can someone help me.

Hi felixq,

That sounds indeed odd. Which version of Unity do you use?

What’s the Max Particles value? What else did you change in the Particle System?

hello nina im currently using 2022.3.16f1 lts. i believe the max particles value was set to 1000 i dont think i changed anything i really just followed along with the course

The latest version of Unity 2022 is Unity 2022.3.21f1. From what I see in the release notes, several issues with the particle system were fixed in multiple newer versions than yours. I would suggest to update Unity to the latest version of 2022. Maybe you are experiencing a bug.

will all my work still be available when i upgrade to a newer version

Yes, it usually will.

However, it is recommended to make a backup anyway. Make a backup of your project folder by duplicating it. Save the duplicated folder somewhere else, maybe on an USB stick. To save some free space, you could delete the Library and Temp folders in the backup folder.

This way, if something goes wrong with the update, you will still have your backup. :slight_smile:

How are you getting on with this, @felixq?

hi nina unfortuately i have decided to stop with the course here. i just dont think garys teaching works for me so i have found another course that is really working for me. i may come back to finish this course afterwards but for the time being i am not doing this course. thank you for all the help you have given me tho

Thanks for letting me know, felixq. While it’s a pity that you didn’t enjoy Gary’s videos, I’m glad you found another course you enjoy. :slight_smile:

I’m closing this thread now. If you decide to continue to work on this game and need this thread, please let me or another moderator know. We will reopen it for you.

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