Laser Racer - Can you beat my game?

I participated in the Ludum Dare Gamejam a few weeks ago and I just wanted to share my project with you guys.
It is far from perfect or polished but it works and it is 1 playable level.
It is basically a tweaked 3rd person character controller and some fancy materials but see for your self :slight_smile:

right now I am watching the Blender Character course to make my own 3d character model for this game so there might be an updated version later this year.

You can download it here: Laser Racer

PS.: It is not easy!

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I spend more then 45 minutes for this hahaha

It is indeed pretty challenging and it is just 1 level :l …
You have done a good job with the look of the game , it is looking really cool!
And the game idea is also nice.

good work dude!

45 minutes :open_mouth:
thanks for playing. I should add some statistics like best time and number of deaths ^^

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