Laser Defender (Heavily Modified) Airship Assault

This is Airship Assault, a game so heavily altered from the base Laser Defender it’s basically something new.

Air pirates have begun a blitz of steampunk London! As civic defense manager, you must man the rocket launchpad and blow them out of the sky while the civilians are evacuated. How many can you save before the city is destroyed?

What I’ve done here is slowed the pacing of the game a bit and added gameplay elements from classic 1977 arcade games Depth Charge and Destroyer, particularly the latter.


  1. Mouse control. The mouse pointer has become a crosshair. The launcher below is tied to the mouse’s X coordinate and scrolls horitzontally below.
  2. Clicking/firing shoots a missile from the launcher. This missile is significantly slower than a laser blast. The missile is incapable of directly hurting any of the airships, but when it reaches the y coordinate your mouse was at when you clicked, it will explode. The explosion lingers and will destroy any ships coming into contact with it.
  3. There is no health, instead a 1 minute timer. The goal is to score as many points before time runs out. You cannot be harmed by the bombs the airships drop.
  4. It takes time to reload your missile launchpad between shots. This means you must carefully aim and anticipate the movement of the airships above to hit anything.

Most art assets were created by me in GraphicsGale.

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This is awesome! Well done!

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Made a short video going over some of the development. Mostly mirrors what I wrote above.

Nice Job! I really like the retro feel of it. It reminds me thematically of missile command done to Depth Charge. I enjoyed your video.

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