Laser Defender 2018 with Loot



Hi all

Here’s my Laser Defender 2018, I’ve added loot to the game with a lootDropChance.
There’s two types of loot, gold coins rare and health packs (very rare).

Some things still need work, the scrolling background has a weird graphical bug the longer the game plays.
Also the standalone player resolution doesn’t match what I see when playing from within the editor.!Aj71ROvXuJl_gd1sq4unVOwcFoGWDg


I have the same issue with my game with the resolution. I think Rick must have forgotten to tell us something.


It’s covered in Glitch Garden by Rick (doesn’t specifically mention Laser Defender), but what he teaches you can go back and apply to Unity.
Essentially it’s about setting the resolution of the canvas (this is from my memory!), and making sure you anchor elements of your canvas to where you want it to always appear, e.g. text appearing top left would be anchored to the top left.


Thank you for letting me know that. I will look for that when I get into Glitch Gardens.