"Lamp Types", "Roughness" and "Introduction to Textures" Challenges

Hello again.

For the “lighting/lamp types”, I tried to mimic the position and the colors of lighting as seen in the lecture, while using two more “area” lights to give a bit more light to the pieces (as seen on the 3rd image). Without them, I thought that the scene felt a bit too dark.

“Lamp types”:

The “roughness” challenge was a bit tricky due to the fact that I’m using Blender 2.92, so some settings aren’t on the some place or are named differently in comparison to the version used on the lecture. Because of that, it was a bit challenging to get the settings right. But, I think that in the end, it came up nicely.


For the textures challenge, I found online a nice and simple chess board surround that I tried to replicate and tried to add some emission material on the inside and on the sides, inspired by another student that applied emission materials to their board and pieces. Also, on the emission material I tried to give it a gradient instead of giving a solid color. For that, I followed a tutorial that I found online and had to use the shader editor and messing around with the nodes system. I hope that you don’t mind that I did that.



No problem to seek external help.

Good progress.


Thank you! :grinning:

I’m relieved to read your answer. Because I also like learn new stuff in other sites or tutorials and apply them in these challenges.

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