Lamp render - weird artifacts in the render that aren't in the preview...ghosts?

Here’s the full render at 128 samples with the checkered pattern on the base:

Here’s the preview at 10 samples, looking fine:

Nice shiny colors! Good Job.

It looks like for some reason its losing the materials on the full render at 128 but not on the preview.
I cant see why its doing it as the old base you have is set not to render but maybe it still renders it in the preview and the materials didnt get transferred to the new base?
A long shot i know but hopefully someone else can help.

You have the curve base and the mesh base both set to render in the outliner! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback, all! Michael, you got it. I turned off render for the curve in the outliner and it’s looking good now. Thanks!


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