Lamp Challenge - 3 Colorful lamps

This is my first time using Blender, I’m happy with the results!


Colored lighting affects our emotional mood, can completely change the perception of the living space, and create a unique lighting scenario.

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I like the unusual color mix.

Good job! We all have to start somewhere haha and I think you did just great. I was trying to imitate a color changing light bulb in several projects, but there’s still a lot of work to do and things to learn. I remember how excited and confused I was when I first started using Blender. At some point, I thought I was never gonna learn it lol. So the best piece of advice I could give you is to keep going, never look back and never give up, and with just a bit of effort and self-discipline, you will achieve realms you were only dreaming about! I hope you will be happy with your upcoming projects as well, and don’t forget to share!

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