Ladder Race

First, I LOVE the tip about placing the game window to the right of the scene so you can see the results in real-time without running the actual game. As you’ll see below, I did that and will keep it that way from now on until I have much larger scenes.

This scene is inspired by one in Super Mario Bros. where you can climb up a ladder into the clouds.

First, I changed the background to a blue sky and used multiple circle sprites to create clouds, then grouped them. Similarly, I created a ladder out of multiple rungs (thinner rectangles) which I duplicated and grouped together, then copied twice and deleted the top ones as necessary for #2. Finally, I made a character using other basic shapes and grouped those together into an empty game object. Then, all I had to do for the second and third characters was duplicate the first and change the body color (the polygon). The platforms themselves are just slightly thicker rectangles.


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